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Please note the next CFO Executive Dialogue is 2 March 2023

I have been delighted to be involved as a chair of the last 5 CFO Agenda’s either at a location or recently virtually. I have been on the Advisory Board for a number of years . There is a new format for 2022 , a renaming and I am involved with it , The event was on 10 March 2022 and I was delighted to host a discussion on the Evolution of the CFO and defining the new direction for Finance with colleagues from Coke Cola , Ocardo and Workday.

The latest activity for me was in December 2022 chairing a roundtable entitled “tightening the purse strings’ with Payhawk , please read the summary:-

Tightening the purse strings

I am on the Advisory board

The key points that came out were that the CFO must invest in its people and give the finance profession new skills to create the ‘next generation of accountants. These accountants will need broader skills that some of the current workforce as although the fundamentals of finance understanding remains, automation of processes ( even to allowing zero day close) will allow more time for project involvement and management.