Top 10 interview tips

Having performed both in person and online interviews for both junior and senior roles, I have picked a couple of little tricks over the years to help try and smoothen the process and increase the likelihood of nailing that interview. Remember that the position must be suitable for you as much as you are suitable for the position. These tips below are mainly focus on the first interview and assume a physical interview ( which I appreciate under current conditions may be an issue ). I will add to these later for Video and further interviews .

  1. Ensure you are mentally and physically preparation.
  2. Do research on the company and the potential interviewers, try and find out about the culture of the company.
  3. Come up with a unique question to ask them and other relevant questions, write them down on a pad of paper and take the pad and a pen in with you,
  4. Find out what they can do to help your career path.
  5. Review LinkedIn and see if you know anyone who works at the company,
  6. Ensure you plan your journey and arrive at least 10 minutes early, go to the toilet, look in the mirror, smile and say a good thing about yourself. Always be polite to the receptionist/first person you meet as they are often asked about how the candidate cope in the first few minutes of arriving.
  7. Listen to the questions they ask you and answer them succinctly. Remember no question they ask is a stupid question. (Remember that most interviewers have their own standard questions that they ask every time and can gauge quickly how you compare to others).
  8. Read the job description and ensure you can answer those questions which ask about your specific skills that match and if there are any area’s that don’t match. With the latter ensure you have a back up to how you would overcome that possible short coming.
  9. Always ask the interviewer to describe their current main challenge.
  10. Always ask the interviewer to describe the culture of the business, if they can’t then question they are for you .